Speech Before Final Examination

All of us will attend the Final Examination tomorrow. For some of you, this time might be distinct from the usual ones, determining more than them — for example, whether you will have the right to pay video games or basketball, and how well you will be expected to behave in June next year. Or you just worry that your diligence all over the term will abort.

However, this is merely a midway station rather than a destination. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. Even Hou Chen1 have despairing scores in Senior 2. We should not concern ourselves about temporary success or failure. Just seize our time, with nothing to be afraid of.

As you all know, I have been a contestant of Olympiad in Informatics. I seldom speak about this, for having a complete failure. However, it is just spirit in that land, called ‘vigour’ by Mr_Wolfram, impressed me most.

Each of us have a dream of reaching the abbey of the national contest. We keep doing, despite pages of drafts are brimful of strange graphes and formulae, hours of time are spent accompaning with a hard problem, screens of errors erodes our ever-growing passion. The so-called vigour is not to be in dread of challenges, and to be in belief that miracles are held by us.

That is not faraway from you, which appears quietly when you try a problem of analytic geometry for the 6th time after 5 wrong answers, when you are surrounded by $vec F = q vec v xx vec B$ and $E = (text(d) Phi) / (text(d) t)$, and when you forget whether Phosphorus or Chlorine is more electronegative once more.

The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep. As Xue Jun2 have written in his poem, we are not superheroes but ordinary people. However, having gone up hills and down devils, the future is of infinite possiblities.

Wish you all succeed in the examination.

  1. My senior Schoolmate who attended Tsinghua University in 2017. 

  2. One of my Classmates then.