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Hello everyone!

I am a school boy, live in (censored) city. I have a wonderful name: Xi Han.

The history of my buy and read the book, require say things of Marth 2011.

The time a my mother’s colleague know the book, she fell the book was so better, tell for my mother. In the times after, my father buy one and read, fell the book was better too. And in the times after, my home buy the book in every month.

I am very love the book in now. I am read the book in every day after complere homework. They tell me lots of knowledge and philosophy abote is people. My achievement’s half is they achievement.

Works succeed!1
Xi Han
10 Jeauary for 2012

  1. 当是依中文尺牍习惯,写了「顺祝商祺」。